Mauli Cashmere


From Exquisite Cashmere to Online Enchantment: A Digital tapestry for Mauli Cashmere


B2CFashion & Retail


  • Brand Building Communications
  • Landing Page
  • Media Planning (Meta, Google & LinkedIn)
  • Media Buying (Meta, Google & LinkedIn)
  • UI/UX Reset
  • Content Production: Digital Ads
  • Reporting

Founded in 2019 by passionate duo Puneet and Bhumika, Mauli Cashmere isn't just a luxury brand; it's an artistic venture fuelled by two decades of fashion expertise and a yearning to redefine the ordinary. With a global reach spanning 15 countries, Mauli specializes in exquisite, handcrafted cashmere scarves adorned with intricate embellishments.

Mauli Cashmere sought Ocularity Analytics' expertise to develop and execute a comprehensive performance marketing strategy. With a global presence in the fashion and retail industry, the brand sought not only to amplify its market visibility and foster deeper connections with customers but also to build the online store into a strong point of sale and contribute to the overall revenue for the brand.
  • Reset the UI/UX completely to enhance user experience, improve navigation efficiency, and ensure a visually appealing and seamless interface, ultimately optimizing Mauli Cashmere's online platform for superior performance and customer satisfaction
  • Increase brand awareness and visibility in the global market to strengthen market presence, attract a broader audience, and enhance the brand's overall influence in the digital ecosphere.
  • Drive targeted traffic to the Mauli Cashmere online store to increase brand visibility, boost conversion rates, and cultivate a thriving online customer community.
  • Improve customer engagement and loyalty to foster lasting relationships, drive repeat business, and fortify the brand's connection with its customer base.
  • Enhance overall online sales performance to optimize revenue generation and strengthen the brand's position in the digital marketplace
  • Create compelling content, including captivating images and engaging videos, for digital ads promoting Mauli Cashmere, aiming to showcase the brand's luxurious offerings, evoke a strong emotional connection with the audience, and drive increased brand awareness and sales.

The challenges for Mauli Cashmere included standing out in a competitive market, effectively reaching its target audience across diverse geographies, and ensuring a meaningful online presence that resonates with the brand's ethos of luxury and artistry.

Ocularity Analytics Approach
Comprehensive Market Analysis:

Ocularity Analytics initiated the project by conducting an in-depth analysis of Mauli Cashmere's target market, identifying key competitors, and assessing market trends in the luxury fashion and retail sector.

Customer Persona Development:

Understanding the diverse customer base, Ocularity Analytics crafted detailed customer personas to tailor marketing efforts and ensure precise targeting.

Ocularity Analytics Approach
Performance Marketing Strategy Design:

Developing a customized performance marketing strategy, Ocularity Analytics combined social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) to create a cohesive and impactful campaign.

Implementation and Optimization:

The strategy was executed meticulously, with continuous monitoring and optimization to ensure maximum effectiveness. Real-time analytics provided insights into user behavior, allowing for agile adjustments to the ongoing campaign.

Ocularity Analytics Approach
Collaborative Content Creation:

Ocularity Analytics collaborated with Mauli Cashmere to amplify engaging and visually appealing content, aligning with the brand's commitment to artistry and luxury. This included stunning image and video ads that can radically increase the click through rate.


The partnership between Mauli Cashmere and Ocularity Analytics yielded a substantial boost in brand visibility and engagement. Following a comprehensive UI/UX reset, the brand's website was effectively optimized for peak performance.

Ocularity Analytics Work

A meticulously devised performance marketing strategy resulted in a noteworthy surge in online traffic, conversion rates, and, ultimately, online sales. Mauli Cashmere witnessed a reinforced sense of brand loyalty and recognition across its global customer base. The Ocularity Analytics approach not only met predetermined objectives but also positioned Mauli Cashmere as a formidable contender in the competitive landscape of luxury fashion and retail. This success underscores the impactful role of a well-executed performance marketing strategy in amplifying a brand's presence and resonating with its target audience.

Furthermore, we've captured compelling content for digital ads promoting Mauli Cashmere. These ads have played a pivotal role in crafting a compelling brand narrative, ultimately contributing to increased brand recall and revenue.

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