Longbottom Coffee & Tea


Establish a strong digital presence, improve customer experience, and optimize the sales journey through a strategic multi-pronged digital approach.


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Service Requirements

  • Brand Building Communications
  • Sales Ecosystem Enhancement and Optimization
  • Salesforce and Shopify Integration & Data migration
  • Social Media and Online Reputation Management
  • Media Planning and Media Buying (Meta and Google)
  • Email Marketing Website
  • UI & UX Redesign
  • Google My Business Management Landing Pages
  • Enable Auto-Ship and Subscription model for consumers
  • Incorporate a rewards and loyalty program
  • Reporting

Longbottom Coffee & Tea, a cherished legacy business established in 1981, has been a cornerstone of the Hillsboro, Oregon community for over four decades. Initially focused on quality roasting and innovative hot-air methods, the brand evolved, embracing fair-trade practices and sustainability. In 2003, they expanded to a community hub coffeehouse, offering single-origin beans, blends, and pods. Today, Longbottom Coffee & Tea is renowned for its delicious coffee, ethical sourcing, and strong community ties.

Longbottom Coffee & Tea approached Ocularity Analytics with a comprehensive set of needs to elevate its online presence, enhance its customer journey, strengthen loyalty, and optimize the sales ecosystem.
  • Create a distinct social media persona to enhance brand value and brand recall for Longbottom Coffee & Tea.
  • Incorporate an enticing loyalty & rewards program on the brand website.
  • Encourage media spending to increase visibility, boost engagement, drive traffic, and brew more coffee for more people to enjoy.
  • Create a reliable, robust, and intuitive website with a complete UI & and UX overhaul to enhance the website aesthetics and improve overall customer sales journey.
  • Simplify and ease Longbottom Coffee & Tea's eCommerce management by transitioning them to a user-friendly SaaS solution. 
  • Break down the silos between Salesforce and Shopify. Ensure smooth data migration from Salesforce Commerce Cloud to Shopify Marketplace and optimize workflows.
  • Enable and promote a Pan-American subscription and auto-ship feature on the website to help drive consistent, recurring, and pre-locked revenues for the business.

Longbottom Coffee & Tea faced a significant challenge in effectively translating its offline success and reputation into a compelling and impactful digital presence. Despite being a beloved local brand with a rich history, the transition to the online space presented hurdles. The primary goal was to captivate the interest of online customers by undertaking a complete rehaul of the brand website, simplifying the UI & and UX to increase dwell time, and streamlining the sales process to enable online sales and subscriptions.

Ocularity Analytics Approach
Enhance Brand Value:

Create a unique social media persona to elevate Longbottom Coffee & Tea's brand presence.

Reliable Sales Ecosystem:

Implement a simple yet steadfast sales ecosystem on the website and social media channels.

Google My Business Management:

Optimization and management of Google My Business for local visibility.

Media Planning and Buying (Meta & Google):

Strategizing and executing media plans across various platforms to maximize reach and engagement.

Ocularity Analytics Approach
Salesforce and Shopify Integration:

Ensure seamless dialogue between Salesforce and Shopify Market to optimize the sales cycle.

Data Migration From Salesforce Commerce Cloud to Shopify Market:

Accomplish an error-free complex data migration from Salesforce Commerce Cloud to Shopify Market.

Digital Marketing Excellence:

Execute strategic media planning and buying on Meta and Google platforms to generate leads, promote product subscriptions, and increase revenue.

Ocularity Analytics Approach
Online Reputation Management:

Develop a comprehensive strategy for managing and enhancing online reputation including customer service.

Email Marketing:

Craft visually stunning and interactive email campaigns to connect with and retain customers.

UI & UX Redesign:

Rework the UI & UX for an enhanced and user-friendly experience on the brand website.

Landing Page:

Create a customized landing page optimized for lead generation and sales conversion.

Ocularity Analytics Approach
Integrate Auto-Ship and Subscription model for consumers:

Enable and promote a Pan-American subscription and auto-ship feature on the website to help drive consistent, recurring, and pre-locked revenues for the business. 

Incorporate a rewards and loyalty program:

Incentivize continued subscriptions, reducing churn and boosting customer lifetime value.


Regularly analyzing campaign performance and providing detailed reports to measure the effectiveness of marketing efforts and make data-driven decisions.

Ocularity Analytics WorkOcularity Analytics Work

Ocularity Analytics successfully transformed Longbottom Coffee & Tea's online presence. The brand now boasts a vibrant social media persona, a streamlined sales ecosystem, a seamlessly integrated Salesforce & Shopify, and an engaging Loyalty and rewards program. 

Ocularity Analytics Work

Longbottom Coffee & Tea's revamped UI & UX has transformed the customer journey, making it intuitive, engaging, and satisfying.

Ocularity Analytics brewed up magic for Longbottom Coffee & Tea: their customer base ballooned over 100% in just two years thanks to captivating email campaigns.

Thanks to Ocularity Analytics' subscription and auto-ship platform, Longbottom Coffee & Tea now enjoys a stable and reliable revenue stream, accounting for 18% of their 2022 sales, bolstering their financial confidence.

Due to a blend of digital magic, personalized offers, laser-focused advertising, and a frictionless shopping experience, Longbottom Coffee & Tea witnessed its biggest Black Friday Sale ever! Ocularity Analytics' strategic digital marketing approach has boosted brand visibility and sales, making Longbottom Coffee & Tea a thriving online and local community hub.

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