Primal Gray


From Spark to Runway - Ocularity Analytics Transforms Primal Gray into a Fashion Feat


B2CFashion and Apparel

Service Requirements

  • Website design, creation, and maintenance
  • Shopify Market set-up and end-to-end e-commerce set-up, integration, and maintenance
  • Media Buying (Meta & Google)
  • Social Media and Online Reputation Management
  • Brand Building Communications
  • Reporting

Primal Gray is a rising star in the Indian fashion scene, and debuted in October 2022. It champions core and casual wear, seamlessly transitioning from workday chic to effortless evening styles. Driven by strong ethical and environmental principles, the brand emphasizes transparency throughout its production process. From certified organic and recycled fabrics to circular manufacturing practices, Primal Gray paves the way for sustainable fashion with purpose. Founder and Creative Director Yuv Bharatram envisions establishing Primal Gray as India's leading beacon of ethical transparency and eco-consciousness within the next five years

Ocularity Analytics was entrusted with the complete digital branding and launch of Primal Gray. The brief encompassed website design and development, e-commerce integration, marketing strategy, and building a robust online presence across social media platforms.
  • E-commerce success: Streamline e-commerce operations for a seamless online shopping experience and drive significant sales within the first year.
  • Brand awareness and engagement: Cultivate a strong online community and build brand recognition through strategic social media management.
  • Ethical transparency: Transparently communicate their commitment to sustainability and ethical practices throughout the entire customer journey.

Despite the well-defined vision, Ocularity Analytics faced the unique challenge of building a comprehensive digital ecosystem from scratch, ensuring it reflected Primal Gray's core values and resonated with their target audience.

Ocularity Analytics Approach
Website as the Canvas:

A brand-new website was designed, embodying Primal Gray's minimalist aesthetic and showcasing their ethical narrative. Intuitive navigation and a seamless e-commerce platform facilitated a smooth shopping experience.

Shopify Symphony:

Ocularity Analytics seamlessly integrated Shopify Marketplace, providing Primal Gray with a scalable and manageable e-commerce solution.

Ocularity Analytics Approach
Storytelling on Social Media:

Engaging social media campaigns leveraged targeted ads and compelling content to build online communities and engage brand enthusiasts.

Strategic Media Spotlight:

Meta and Google campaigns strategically amplified brand reach and drove high-intent traffic to the website.

Email Melody:

Personalized email marketing nurtured leads prospects and converted them into loyal customers, keeping them informed about new collections and sustainability initiatives.


Primal Gray and Ocularity Analytics were more than collaborators, they were architects of impact. Together, they crafted a minimalist website that whispered ethics, built an e-commerce empire exceeding expectations, and ignited a social media symphony.

Ocularity Analytics Work

Guided by data and fuelled by transparency, they created a brand that not only sells well, but resonates deeply with conscious consumers, proving that sustainability and style can sing in perfect harmony.

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